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Every time a baby is born, the father and mother become a part of Family For Life. Whether the parents realize it or not…they will have that new life that they created to deal with for the rest of their lives. They may have entered into a family willingly or unwillingly…but the reality of the birth of that child creating a “family for life”, is one of life’s certainties.

The purpose of Family For Life is to offer answers to questions that most parents have about their child from birth through the early teen years. Doesn’t it make sense to equip ourselves with as much good information as possible about our children from the very beginning, so that our life with our children has more pleasure than pain?

The key to the success of the Family For Life program is to allow us to access information easily…when we need it. Parenting classes are well intentioned, but often, there is not enough time in the day to work such classes into our busy schedules. And even if we were able to attend classes, there is so much information, that when it comes time to put it into play, we cannot remember what the “accepted practice” was for that particular behavior we need to understand.

Family For Life starts at birth---and offers small bits of information when we need it. And that information comes at OUR convenience, utilizing the audio or video equipment that we already have in our homes. As we listen, watch, and interact with our own families, we use the information as it applies to our particular situation. When we need personalized help once our children reach the pre-teen years, Family For Life will facilitate access to trained counselors---at no cost –in either the English or Spanish language---via a toll-free telephone number.

Family For Life helps take some of the mystery out of raising our children We have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Welcome to Family For Life.